Organic Happy Buckets
Organic Happy Buckets
Organic Happy Buckets
Organic Happy Buckets

Organic Happy Buckets

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This clever eco-friendly storage basket features sustainable materials so your storage baskets have less impact on the planet AND solve your clutter worries.


100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton outer canvas designed by artist Leah Duncan
- Man Made stiffening layer
- Unbleached cotton liner
- Variety of sizes - see below

- All items are handmade, so the pattern may be placed slightly differently on each.
- Minimally packaged with hemp twine
- Simply machine wash, line dry and iron to bounce back to shape.
- When displaying plants, make sure you use a non porous planter, as the happy buckets are not waterproof. 

Who says storage should be boring!  Happy buckets are fun and functional!

Available in these sizes (subject to fabric availability at time of purchase):

Small 12cm  x 11cm x (15cm Tall) 5" x 4.5" x 6" Tall

Medium 20cm x 16cm (20cm Tall) 8" x 6" x 8" Tall

Textile Design by Pip Pottage, handmade in Nelson, New Zealand

Pip Pottage

Pip is a self-taught surface pattern designer who's passionate about leaving the world in a better way than she found it.

Her 'Ethical Home-wares' are handmade with carefully selected fabrics, that not only look stunning but are good for our world.

"I am a home decor nut. My theory had always been: why live in a space that makes you feel bad, when you could live in one that makes you feel good!"