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Inspiration Day

Inspiration Day

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Thurs 23 Jan

10am – 4pm

A STEAMS workshop presented in partnership with Ministry of Inspiration, with support from Duncan Steel

This “fun-day” STEAMS workshop is sure to charge your kids up with ideas and inspiration, just in time to kick off that back-to-school buzz.

Designed and peer-led by our crack team of super scholars – several senior students from local Nelson secondary schools – this event introduces children to a number of space-oriented curiosities which have tantalised scientists the world over.

Using Our Moon exhibition as a backdrop, children will work together with props and experiments to help try to answer some of the bigger questions of the universe, such as: what happens when there’s no gravity; how does an asteroid make a crater; could we survive on the Moon?

Our “Resident Space Science Guru”, Duncan Steel, will share his insights into asteroids and beyond, with the Ministry of Inspiration facilitating the day. Prepare for an inspired kid at the end of it!

STEAMS courses strive to integrate two or more of the STEAMS areas: science, technology, engineering, art, maths, and/or society into each course. The Ministry of Inspiration believes in helping teens develop confidence and leaderships skills, therefore, these courses are designed and delivered by senior college students. An adult teacher is always present in the class for health and safety.

Find out more about Ministry of Inspiration here


Duncan Steel is a space scientist and author, currently employed by the Xerra Earth Observation Institute with a history working for NASA, ESA, various universities and observatories, and running his own space consultancy.

Regarded as an expert on asteroids, comets, meteors and space debris, Duncan also conducts research in other areas of physics and space science. His has written four books, 100+ research papers, 1000+ articles for newspapers and magazines, has appeared in hundreds of radio and TV programmes and was science advisor for an Emmy-winning documentary viewed by over 400 million people. Minor planet/asteroid (4713) Steel is named for him, as is a lunar-roving robot in one of Arthur C. Clarke's sci-fi novels.

One website puts Duncan fourth in a ranking of all-time ‘badass scientists’, behind Craig Venter, Richard Feynman, and Andrei Sakharov; another says “he’s Bruce Willis in [the movie] Armageddon.” Duncan also introduced the Sex Pistols in one of their first-ever gigs.

Find out more about Duncan here


Held in the Upper Gallery (Our Moon exhibition space) and Rooftop Garden

$50 per person (incl. materials)

Please bring a packed lunch and snacks

Recommended for children aged 9 – 12yrs

Limited spaces, book fast