ARC Exclusive Print of the Trathen Window

ARC Exclusive Print of the Trathen Window

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Step back in time and embrace the rich history of Nelson's iconic Trathen's department store with this extraordinary architectural treasure. In 1922, Benjamin Trathen opened a three-story brick building that quickly became a magnet for locals, housing six departments, a dressmaker, and tea rooms. 

With its distinctive façade, Trathen's became a well-known landmark in the city, etching its name into the fabric of Nelson's cultural tapestry. After being declared an earthquake risk in 2013, the Trathen family made the difficult decision to demolish the building, paving the way for a new development. 

In a remarkable act of preservation, the Nelson Provincial Museum saved not only some of the building's iconic windows but also its charming and chubby cherubs, ensuring that a piece of Nelson's history would live on. 

This print is a tangible link to the past, a testament to the city's architectural heritage and the stories it once held within its walls. Imagine the countless shoppers who gazed through this very window, the memories it witnessed, and the legacy it now carries.