Driftwood Necklace, Isaac Ibbotson
Driftwood Necklace, Isaac Ibbotson
Driftwood Necklace, Isaac Ibbotson

Driftwood Necklace, Isaac Ibbotson

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This gorgeous piece has been made from different type of driftwood found on the west-coast of New Zealand, along with re-purposed silver. 

Part of Isaac's Native NZ Wood collection, this master-piece sits low on the chest, and can be adjusted to its lucky owner's preference. 

"Our wooden jewellery designs are inspired by and originate from the mighty West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.The driftwoods we collect have journeyed from the expansive Southern forests, washed down rivers and been preserved by the sea as they are transported up the coast and on to the beaches. We choose the densest hardwoods and dry them for up to a year. When we cut into the woods the true colours and textures are revealed. We carve them to the desired forms and set them against precious metals to add weight, contrast and wearability. 

The finished jewellery then takes on a new journey of adornment. The rich variety of natural colours will compliment any skin tone, shade of hair or fabric in the garment worn. We choose to create minimal designs with the intention of letting the materials’ qualities stand out. Wearing the jewellery is a multi-sensual experience with the woods taking on the scent of the wearer, creating sound as they touch the metal and visually moving as the wearer moves."

The artist - Isaac Ibbotson

Isaac Ibbotson

Isaac Ibbotson is an established jeweller based in Nelson. He first discovered the art of gold and silversmithing at evening classes during the mid 90s, then continued to develop the skills at design schools in Wellington and London. Between 2002 and 2010 he established a contemporary jewellery gallery in Nelson called ‘Mint’, where an exciting array of styles emerged.

Recently, after a break in the trade to explore other areas of interest, Isaac has been consolidating his classic designs and is in the process of re-launching them along with some new direction.

Isaac’s main area of interest is in minimalist object design. The intention of his work is to simply reveal the fabric of nature in the simplest possible way. Using organic and invaluable materials such as driftwood and framing them with crisp lines of precious metal he hand crafts objects which are as pleasing to touch as they are to look at. The designs are intended to age with the wearer and will develop their own unique character over time.


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