Clothing Pegs
Clothing Pegs
Clothing Pegs
Clothing Pegs

Clothing Pegs

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Durable, Stainless Steel Clothing Pegs 

Wishing for pegs that last, leave less of an indent in your fabric and are easy to care for?

Made to last from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel - resists salty breeze and withstands coastal washing lines! No more broken, sun cracked plastic pegs. 


18 x Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clothing Pegs
6cm High x 3cm On The 'Squeeze Part' x 0.2cm In Thickness For Durability.



Shay started CaliWoods after spending six amazing years traveling to the most isolated pockets of the ocean. Despite the turquoise water and palm trees, it was hard to ignore the plastic pollution followed her everywhere. Bottle caps, food
packets, straws - plastic wherever you looked. Coming home, Shay was super motivated to do something about it! We are on a mission to:

Our Plastic Free Mission:

• Reduce Plastic Pollution
• Protect Our Oceans
• Inspire Sustainable Lifestyles

• Be An Epic Social Enterprise - standing for planet, profit,
people and purpose