Kawakawa Ring, Taonga by Timoti

Kawakawa Ring, Taonga by Timoti

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Taonga by Timoti

This Kawakawa Pounamu ring just feels earthy and strong on your finger.  Amongst the native shades of green are characteristic black flecks which greatly enhance its character.  Nice and wide, it is a strong piece and looks like it is home on your hands.  A beautiful classic taonga.  V sized.

Kawakawa Pounamu is named after a native plant with a strong peppery flavour, it is used for medicinal and culinary purposes.  This taonga has characteristic black flecks, greatly enhancing its character.

Wearing a ring gives you a beautiful, full, tactile experience with the taonga. The experience of being wrapped in Papatuanuku as you carry her around with you through the day.


People before profit, Papatuanuku before profit, integrity before profit.

Taonga By Timoti sources and carves taonga from Nelson awa, including Pounamu, Pakohe (Arigillite) and Garnet. Timoti likes to turn his hand to carving rakau (wood) on occassion too. Our taonga are truly unique as each stone, and indeed each slice of stone, is not like any other so we get to make beautiful pieces that will never be repeated.
We are a whanau business, owned and run by Timoti (the carver extraordinaire) and Morganne (the wife who does everything else). We love the taonga, we love the awa and we love the life we get to live through carving. We believe as humans we are part of the natural world—it is a symbiotic relationship.
If you are in Nelson we always enjoy meeting our customers too so give us a call and come share stone love with us. When you buy a Taonga from Timoti you know you have a taonga that is hand carved, with love.
Please note that all Taonga is pick-up only