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HappBee Wrap Sets
HappBee Wrap Sets
HappBee Wrap Sets
HappBee Wrap Sets

HappBee Wrap Sets

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“Wrap the planet with Love”

Pick the size you'll use most, or try a mix of them with the Starting Kit.

- Lunch Set - 1x 27x25cm & 1x 15x17cm: Just the right size for a sandwich and a snack

- HappBee Start - 3 different sizes: 1 little, 1 medium and 1 biggie

- Biggies Set - 3x 30x30cm: Perfect for large sandwiches, bread rolls, covering salad bowls and much more


Jo and Linda started making HappBee Wrap in Nelson in 2014. Being kindergarten teachers, they both believe in the importance of looking after the environment for future generations. Joking for years about owning a shop (especially inside on rainy days with active three and four year olds!), they focused their work on sustainability. They would sell environmentally friendly, up-cycled, repurposed and handcrafted items.
Jo’s son-in-law was a beekeeper, so they were able to experiment with wrap making for a while, and the results were amazing. They realised their uses were very versatile, wrapping sandwiches, vegetables and herbs, covering platters and bowls and even keeping crackers fresh! Once they had been used for some time and beginning to look worn, you could just pop them in the oven for a few minutes and they were good as new; and once they were really done, they could go in the compost.

They realised they could sell them, “make a bit extra for [their] retirement!” and started giving them away to friends and colleagues. Their feedback was so positive, they decided to try their luck at the Richmond Market in 2014.

They now operate our of Tauranga as HappBee Planet, have extended their product range, and sell throughout New Zealand and internationally through their online shop, along with retail outlets throughout NZ. The HappBee team are thrilled that their wraps are making people happy, and the planet as well!

HappBee Wrap is made from 100% cotton fabric.