Sika is a multimedia artist whose work reflects a lifetime of listening to the rhythms of nature.  Using didjeridoo, drums, native flutes, rattles and Māori Taonga Puoro, he creates visceral, rhythmic music that has the ability to transport people to profound states of relaxation.

Sika is also the pioneer of “Sound Journeys”. A Sound Journey is a unique experience. Similar to the concept of a sound bath, people lie down, close their eyes and immerse themselves in his music.  

When he is not exploring sound, Sika also is an accomplished painter. Working in oil on canvas, he often mixes plaster and powdered pounamu (NZ Greenstone/Jade) to create a sculptural feel and add a significance to the work.

Sika has been independently producing music since 1990, with his latest offering “Shapes in the Silence” featuring his newest Māori instruments, known collectively as Taonga Pūoro or ‘singing treasures’. This includes the Pūtātara, an incredibly expressive instrument made of a conch shell with a crafted wooden mouthpiece. The album also features the voices of the Koauau (small simple flutes made of bone, wood and stone), alongside didjeridoos, drums and nature sounds recorded in New Zealand and Australia. A deep and powerful exploration of earthy sounds, perfect for relaxation in the home, or to accompany your own special journey through sound.